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Wouldn't it be nice to align your business with a movement that is providing education, inspiration, leadership skills and empowerment to half our population?  
Local businesses and national marketers need to reach the young female audience and their parents in a meaningful and impactful way. A Mighty Lass provides you with that option in markets all over Long Island (and we plan on expanding our markets in 2017!)
A Mighty Lass provides an opportunity to affiliate your business with events that are jam-packed with educational experiences for girls aged 5-18 and their mothers. Our events are one-day programs that are comprised of workshops, seminars, demonstrations and presentations. Girls are inspired, educated and empowered with the help of mentors and experts. They learn how to create a healthy body image by learning how to support each other, uncovering the facts about food and nutrition, developing skills and self-confidence and finding their inner strength. Since brand loyalty is built early and often lasts through adulthood, this is the ideal time to reach these girls and their families.
Benefits of Participating:
With events all over Long Island and a growing social media platform, you will reach thousands of diverse girls from various backgrounds. Massive marketing and branding exposure through our media partners champion the cause. By aligning your brand with A Mighty Lass and our events you will help change the course of many girls’ futures. 
It has been proven that people develop deeper connections with brands through positive experiences with those brands. We invite you to join us in being part of a powerful and memorable experience that will allow your target audience of young girls and their families to connect with your brand in a positive and meaningful environment.
Some Opportunities include:
  • Headline Sponsor
  • Presenting Sponsor
  • Workshop Sponsor
  • Outstanding Girl Sponsor
  • Breakfast Sponsor
  • Water Bottle Sponsor
  • Gift Bag Sponsor
  • Product Partner
What are you waiting for? Let's get creative and customize a partnership today!
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