Not the Winnie Cooper you remember

I may be dating myself, but Winnie Cooper was a very important part of my childhood. I am not sure if I knew why at the time, but now that I look back, she was one of the few girls on TV that combined modesty, self respect, confidence and intelligence. She was a cool cucumber. I wanted to be her. And I still do.

Turns out all this time Danica McKellar has been a rockstar mathematician! Listen to her amazing series on PBS where she talks about how she lost confidence in her gift many times over. As she struggled to discover who she was after a childhood with millions watching, she found the confidence to explore a talent that had been dismissed for years. She never thought that she would succeed in an intimidating industry that had been predominantly occupied by males. Through her books and PBS web series, she hopes to encourage young female mathematicians in the making along their way.

Share her story with all the young girls you know.

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