Host a Gathering

$45  per person (host is free)

45 min presentation, 15-30 min discussion

Minimum of 6 guests + host

Gather your #girls for a night of fun + friends
The jewelry party concept just got a serious upgrade! 
It's simple:
Pick a topic
Gather your friends
Listen, Learn + Laugh in the comfort of your own home

Imagine a ready-made girls night in.


Laugh and learn with your friends as you gain life skills and strategies.


Each host will receive one free private session with your guru.

Choose from the following topics:


Organized Living

The Organization Systems That Create Happiness In My Home and Will Help You Do The Same

Learning to Stay Organized as a New Mom

Organizing Teenagers...YES, It's Possible!

Nutrition and Health

Play Makers Have a Plan

What's the deal with Gluten?

Parent Education

Sibling Rivalry

School and Social Anxiety

Strategic Discipline

Mindset for Life: Helping your Child Develop the Thinking Tools for Success

Mindset for Life: Helping your child develop the thinking tools necessary for success

Game Time: How to create a media management plan that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out

Take Your Foot off the Parenting Gas Pedal: How Finding Your Own Passion Helps Your Child Find Theirs

Tough Love/Love Tough: How Setting Boundaries & Giving Kids Responsibility Sets them up or Success

Helping Your Anxious Child Help Themselves

Strategy and Sports

Winner’s Mindset: Unleash Your Young Athlete’s Potential

The Parent’s Role in Raising an Athlete

meet our gurus

Jane Abrahams

Jane Abrahams

After hearing time and time again from friends and relatives how impeccably organized her house was with three young children at home, Jane Abrahams realized she had a unique gift that she wanted to share with others. Opening your home, and your mess to a stranger is not an easy thing to do. Jane and her staff make you feel comfortable and at ease from the minute they walk in. Jane's warm and caring personality carries through to her carefully selected and trained team of professionals.

Deborah Winters

Deborah Winters

Deborah is a Licensed Masters Social Worker and Parent Educator, psychotherapist, writer and lecturer. She specializes in family issues such as parenting, depression and anxiety, and relationship struggles. Deborah sees clients for individual or family sessions in the office or in your home.

Lauren Gallagher, PhD

Lauren Gallagher, PhD

Dr. Gallagher is a school psychologist, social skills educator and founder of Sync it Up.

Kim Gilroy

Kim Gilroy

Kim Gilroy is a Holistic Wellness Coach on a mission! Her enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of food allows her to take her clients beyond diet plans, navigating the way for a personal approach to her clients' wellness needs.