Mighty Minis is an empowerment event for girls in grades K-3 and their mothers.  Girls will be exposed to hands-on workshops in the areas of STEM, writing, art therapy and social leadership. Mothers will be empowered through educational seminars and workshops which will strengthen their parental bond and deepen their awareness of raising young, powerful girls.


A Mighty Lass would like to welcome Dr. Shefali (www.drshefali.com) to Mighty Minis! Dr. Shefali will be presenting to the moms in our audience, taking questions and signing books afterwards. Immediately following her presentation there will be a panel of top-notch professionals in their field including a pediatrician school psychologist, psychoanalyst and women's athletic expert who will discuss the emotional, mental and physical issues of young girls. Moms are encouraged to ask all the questions they may have! From there, you will choose from a program of breakout sessions including "Bringing the Joy Back to Parenting", “Creating a Non-Toxic Home”, “Let Oils be Thy Medicine” and “Creating an Organized Home”.


Our Mighty Mini girls will choose from a selection of workshops that are geared towards increasing self-confidence, gaining leadership and social skills to become a female entrepreneur, learning beginner STEM expertise and having fun!


The day will start off with the moms and girls together watching an amazing performance and presentation by Alexa Valentino! The girls will be well cared for by team leaders and counselors that will be responsible for escorting them to their workshops and taking care of their needs.


At the end of the event, the girls will be brought back to their moms for a memorable closing ceremony. Mighty Minis is guaranteed to be a day of bonding, empowerment and fun for all!

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Dr. Shefali’s books will change your world.

Her first book has been endorsed by Oprah as one of the most profound books on parenting she has ever read.


International Speaker

Dr. Shefali is a keynote speaker who presents at conferences and workshops around the world. Some of the venues at which Dr. Shefali has presented are: Wisdom 2.0, TEDx, Kellogg Business School, The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, and many more. She has had key collaborations with Goldie Hawn’s MindUp Foundation, Kids in the House and many educational and transformational centers around the world.


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Shefali is a world-renowned clinical psychologist who received her doctorate from Columbia University, New York.

Your Daughter's Keepers: Q&A with the Pros

Erin Ruddy
Dr. Tarnok
Dr. Lauren Gallagher
Deborah Winters
Meghan Frey
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Erin Ruddy, author, journalist, LLS Woman of the Year will be moderatting a panel of top-notch professionals in their field including a pediatrician, school psychologist, psychoanalyst and women's athletic expert who will discuss the emotional, mental and physical issues of young girls. Moms are encouraged to ask all the questions they may have!

Breakout Sessions (Choose one)

Bringing the Joy Back to Parenting
Deborah Winters
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Bringing the Joy Back to Parenting is a solutions guide to understanding how our expectations may be contributing to the overwhelming feelings related to parenting. In this breakout session, you will hear tips on how to de-stress, balance life, and ultimately strengthen the relationship you have with yourself and your children.

Jennifer Kelly
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Creating a Non-Toxic Home

With about 80,000 chemicals active in our environment, we need to go out of our way to avoid or reduce the number of toxins we take in on a

daily basis. Join Jennifer Kelly, CHC, AADP for a class on how to reduce toxins in your home with simple, cost-effective and clean solutions.

Let Oils be Thy Medicine

Frankincense, melaluca, helichrysum and oregano are all natural cures for common ailments, illnesses and skin problems! Learn all there is to know about the healing benefits of essential oils from an expert and

MD, Dr. Dawn Figlo.

Organize Your Life, One Space at a Time

Finding it difficult to manage the house with

all the kids’ homework, projects and schedules? If so, this is the workshop for you! Jane will offer advice and strategies to de-clutter and organize your home and your life.... one space at a time.  This fun, stress-free approach to organization will make it easy to transform your space and restore order to your home. 

Dr. Dawn Figlo
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Jane Abrahams
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Alexa Valentino
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OPENING ACT: Moms + Girls

Alexa Valentino, 11 year old singer, songwriter, actress and anti-bullying advocate will perform a song  the she wrote in response to what she witnessed at school and outside of school. She wants kids to know they have choices when it comes to bullies. When you stand up to bullies they lose their "power". We have a choice to be kind, to love, not hate.

Alexa Valentino, Singer/Songwriter
Anti-bullying Advocate

CLOSING ACT: Moms + Girls


Patricia Moreno, author and founder of intenSati, will close Mighty Minis with an interactive performance that encourages inner strength and will deepen your bond with your girl. The tools and mantras she provides will leave a lasting impression on your relationship. Wear sneakers and bring tissues! Love is in the air...

Patricia Moreno, Author & Creeator, intenSati
Patricia Moreno
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Deborah Adler
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GAALS: Girls Athletics And Life Skil
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Art Therapy

Children are naturally artistic and creative.  Art therapy is a vibrant way for children to express their emotions through various mediums. Taught by a licensed art therapist, girls will empower themselves through creative collage and inspiring verses to create a masterpiece that is just as unique as they are!

Yvonne Capitelli
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Intro to STEM by CSH Labs WISE

Each girl at Mighty Minis will experience a hands-on science workshop by Cold Spring Harbor Labs Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). These programs will incoporate dance and play with an introduction to science education such as cell division and dissection. Perfect for the budding scientist and a great opportunity to learn from one of the most prestigious laboratories in the world!

Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick
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Know Your Body

GAALS' unique mind-body approach differs from other classes, and is a welcome escape from the day-to-day stresses and pressures girls often face.

This workshop will kick off and end with fun, meaningful activities specifically designed to teach the girls how to apply the valuable life skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, responsibility, goal­setting, persistence and focus. 


Writer's Workshop: Character Building

Girls will be introduced to Daria Rose, a fictional character from Yvonne Capitelli’s children’s book. Ms. Capitelli will lead the girls through a Daria Rose themed writer’s workshop using self-empowerment as a common thread. The importance of making good choices, demonstrating positive behaviors and exuding confidence will leave the girls prepared for challenging social and personal situations.

Social Etiquette

Confidence. Poise. Grace. The Etiquette School of NY will teach the girls the fundamentals of social etiquette which will enable them to feel self-assured in challenging social

situations in which they find themselves. Girls will learn the importance of a good attitude, positive body language and communication skills, which will come in useful at school, on play dates and at home!

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